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When you’re in a relationship with someone you can trust you can live out all your sexual fantasies with them. Take your date nights from ‘meh’ to ‘euphoric’ by bringing your wildest fantasies to life.

Preparation steps:

  • You’ll need to plan ahead. If you need costumes and props, get them ready before the day of your date.
  • Find out which fantasies your partner has so you can play with ideas.
  • Before the date, send a sexy text message or email to let your significant other know they’re in for a great time.
  • Set up a room in which you can play out fantasies. Decorate the room with candles and your favorite sex toys.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Once you have an idea of what fantasy you will be focusing on, make a big deal of it.
  • Take a luxurious bubble bath and slather yourself with scented lotion. You’ll feel, look and smell amazing and much more confident.
  • Get your costume ready. A sexual fantasy can’t be completed without the right outfit - black leather, a French maid outfit or even a schoolgirl uniform will make your fantasies more realistic.
  • If you want to add some spice to a restaurant dinner date, consider getting touchy. Run your foot up your date’s leg and spend some time working them up with a sneaky massage between their legs. You’ve seen this scene in more than one movie and it’s easy to pull off. Just make sure no one sees you!
  • You can record the whole thing and add an extra thrill to the night. Having your own sex tape is quite adventurous and you can watch it again later.
  • Be your partner’s sex slave for the night - let them call the shots and obey all their wishes or vice versa.
  • As you live out your fantasies, make sure to constantly check with your partner that they’re still having fun. That is after all the point of the date.

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