Hit The Open Water date idea illustration

Hit The Open Water

A date outside in the open air soaking up the warmth of the sun can be great fun. Spending time on a body of water will put smiles on your faces and is ideal for more adventurous couples. Plus, making out while on the ocean or a lake is very romantic.

Preparation steps:

  • Decide whether you and your date will be spending your time on a boat or on a kayak. Both of them are great options that promise a lot of fun.
  • Pack a picnic to make sure you’ll have enough to eat and drink while on the water. Spending time in the sun is awesome but dehydration isn’t.
  • Plan your day so you’ll be prepared if the weather changes. On that note, make sure that you choose a sunny day that isn’t too hot. Sunstroke can ruin an otherwise perfect date. You also don’t want to be caught in the rain. Or maybe you do...that’s entirely up to you.

Some tips:

  • Add a bottle of wine or chilled champagne to your picnic basket. Getting a little tipsy is always great on a date - you’re more relaxed that way. Just don’t get too drunk or you might end up red-faced in the water!
  • Break tradition and don’t give your date a bouquet of flowers. Instead, give them water lilies. You can set them in the water together and watch them float. And yes, it’s perfectly fine for women to give men flowers. They deserve it too!
  • Pack sunscreen and cover yourself and your date so neither of you end up burned and sore.
  • Time your date so you can watch the sunset while on the water. It’s ridiculously romantic to kiss your partner as the sun’s fading rays shimmer on the ocean or lake.
  • You will likely be treated to amazing views during this date so take as many photos as you can.
  • Be prepared for your date (or yourself) to get seasick. If you’re not out on the water very often, you can easily get a bit sick. Pack some medicine like Dramamine to prevent disaster.

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