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Have A Quiz Night About Each Other

Spending a night in with your loved one is always a nice way to relax. Playing games together adds to the fun and you can give it a personal twist. Why not spend a night quizzing each other about...each other?

Preparation steps:

  • Plan to spend the evening away from friends and family (and work!) so put away your phones.
  • Have some yummy snacks ready that you can feed each other. Just because it’s a simplistic date doesn’t mean it can have some sexy elements. Add some wine and you’ve got the promise of a really nice evening.
  • All games should end with a good prize so think up a reward for the winner. Maybe a few coupons for sexy favors would be a nice prize.

Some tips:

  • The questions should be about how well you know each other but only to have fun. It shouldn’t become something that you’ll later argue about.
  • You can start with cute or light questions such as favorite colors or meals and biggest fears. Then move on to more relationship-based questions like “Who said ‘I love you’ first?”. To make things exciting, throw in some questions about your sex life and sexual preferences.
  • Guess each other’s answers. This could be a fun way to see how well you think your partner knows you.
  • Once all the questions are answered, compare who had the most right and crown the winner. Let the loser make up for losing by doing the dishes!

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