Give public sex a try date idea illustration

Give public sex a try

Adding a little danger to your sex life can be very thrilling and the element of risk can heighten your arousal and improve the experience! As long as you plan it well, you can try out public sex without getting caught.

Preparation steps:

  • There are many options when it comes to choosing where you want to get it on in public. Of course, it is illegal in many places so do your homework before you get excited.
  • Don’t do anything where other people or children can walk into your steamy session and leave everyone scarred for life.
  • You may have to take some blankets with you to in case of an emergency and you need to cover up quickly.

Some tips:

  • If having sex in an actual public place isn’t for you, simply open your curtains or blinds and get hot with your partner. The risk of being seen or watched will be enough of a thrill without leaving your home.
  • You could also sneak off for a quickie while at a friend’s party. It’s still a public place with a little less risk.
  • For adventurous couples, a hiking trail offers many opportunities to get kinky in nature. The chances of getting caught way out there on a trial are much lower. The great outdoors will let you have sex just about anywhere - against a tree, in the meadows, near a waterfall or even on a boulder.
  • You can use your car and head to any place that you and your partner are comfortable with. It can be an abandoned parking lot or on top of a hill with a view. You’ll have to do some maneuvering but having sex in your car is possible and a lot of fun! Just remember to lock the doors.
  • Join the ‘Mile High Club’. Many people fantasize about having sex while high up in the air. If it’s your fantasy as well, you should book a flight when there won’t be as many passengers on board. Red-eye flights to an unpopular destination are an option. This might be a very difficult endeavour to pull off though, so good luck!

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