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Boudoir photos make for an amazing and sexy but modest gift to your partner (or yourself!). There are many professional services to help you create sexy boudoir photos, but a session on your own can be lots of fun. Doing it on your own is more intimate as well.

Preparation steps:

  • Loosen your body by doing some stretches. When your hips have been warmed up you’ll be surprised how flexible you can be. Look for examples of the most flattering positions on the internet. Copy them as you see fit.
  • Keep your backdrops simple. You want the focus to be on you and your body, not your surroundings. Stick with plain bedsheets and a white backdrop if you can.

Some tips:

  • Get the lighting right. For boudoir photo sessions, lighting is very important. Natural light that flows in from a window is very soft and as such can be flattering on the body.
  • Try different positions in front of and beside the window to play with this light effect. You can create a more moody atmosphere by narrowing the light that comes in from the window. Closing the blinds might be good enough. The semi-darkness will create a mysterious ambience.
  • When posing, think about the sexy women you've seen in movies and try to imitate them. However, be yourself while channelling these ladies. It sounds tricky but once you start, you'll easily get the hang of it.
  • Your arms and legs are important and you should try and create interesting shapes with them. Consider a slight side-on angle to present your body in a slimming view.
  • Try not to use the artificial lights in your home - they're usually very harsh and unflattering.
  • You shouldn't be too hard on yourself during your sexy boudoir photo session. Although the point is to be sexy and sultry, you don't have to be perfect. Take hundreds of photos and discard the ones you're not happy with. You'll find many that are gems to be kept forever.
  • You can use professional camera gear such as a tripod or simply use a selfie stick - the choice is yours.
  • Do your best to not pout in these photos. It may be something that everyone likes to do in their selfies, but it’s not ideal for sexy boudoir photos. Instead, focus on relaxing your mouth to show its natural curvature.
  • You have many clothing options, not just lingerie. Wearing a band T-shirt and sexy panties make for hot photos. High-waist underwear and a leather jacket with no bra is a ridiculously sultry look. Wear what makes you feel sexy. When you feel sexy, you will look more attractive.
  • Be sure to exaggerate your curves by shifting your weight. Run your hands over your body for extra spice.
  • Have fun! If you’re having fun while taking these photos you’ll get better results.

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