Cooking together date idea illustration

Cooking together

A quiet night, candlelight flickering and you and your date enjoying a tasty meal and the feel of each other’s skin. Does that sound like a good date to you? Cooking together can be a wholesome experience, but it can also be a sensual and passionate activity.

Preparation steps:

  • Make sure that your kitchen is clean and neatly sorted on the day of the date. Call your date and discuss what you’ll be cooking. Or make it a surprise. Your choice.
  • Have all the ingredients prepared and rinsed off so you can get straight into the cooking when the date starts.
  • While you’re cooking, clean up your dishes. This will prevent a nasty pile of dishes building up and ruining the end of the date. You’re cooking so things will inevitably get messy - just keep it to a minimum.
  • To prevent your clothes from getting dirty, you can ditch them and just wear an apron. That will make the whole experience much sexier.
  • Once the meals are prepared, dim the lights and light some candles to set a mood.

Some tips:

  • Add aphrodisiacs to the menu. These will get you two in a mood for love and are delicious. Some popular options are chilli peppers, oysters, honey and bananas.
  • Do yourself - and your date - a favor and don’t prepare fancy and complicated meals. Even if you’re a master in the kitchen, your date may not be as skilled. Settle on meals that are yummy but easy like stir-fry, fish and fries or pancakes.
  • Pick your roles before you start cooking. You can’t have two main chefs in one kitchen, one has to fill the role of the assistant. Still, this can be fun. If your date is the assistant, thank them for their help with cheeky kisses. If you’re the assistant, steal a kiss every now and then when you hand over something.
  • Prepare a dessert that can be stored in the freezer or fridge and surprise your date with it when you’re all done. Feeding each other chocolate-related dessert is a fun way to make things a little sexier.
  • Don’t rush things and keep it relaxed. Turn on some soothing music and just enjoy the company you’re in. Open a bottle of wine and enjoy it during the preparation and eating of your special meal.
  • Nibble on your partner to show them you like them more than all the food or drinks in the world.

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