Buy some Lego kits and put them together date idea illustration

Buy some Lego kits and put them together

Lego sets may be something that you last looked at when you were a kid but they’ve become a lot cooler since then. Much like puzzle sets, there are many Lego kits that are made for older ‘children’ that take a lot of time and effort to complete - perfect for quiet nights at home with your partner.

Preparation steps:

  • Chat with your partner before you buy a kit - they should build with you and it should be something you will both enjoy.
  • Choose a night every week that you will dedicate to building your Lego kit. Make a big deal of it and order your favorite fast food. Just chill with your partner and the kit you’re bringing to life.
  • Set an area apart in your home where you’ll build. Don’t make the mistake of starting your project in the living room with no way to move it once it’s done.
  • Keep your pets and/or kids away. The Lego kits made for adults are rather complicated with many complex parts. Involving youngsters might lead to disaster. If you have children, rather get separate kits you can build with them. And keep your pets away at all times; they can accidentally and carelessly ruin all your hard work.
  • Take your time with the assembly. These kits are often made up of thousands of pieces and rushing the building will take the fun out of it. Allow yourself and your partner to build your kit at a steady pace.

You may need

Some tips:

  • There are many awesome Lego kits to choose from - from baby Yoda to entire towns and ships in bottles. Unlock your inner child and go for whatever seems like the most fun for you and your partner.
  • Building a wedding set together could be a great way to work up to a unique and very romantic proposal…

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