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Kid Party Planner Surprise

Duration: 2 hours
Budget: $30

This indoor roleplay scenario is based in a house setting during the pleasant month of November. A fun and surprising twist on the kid party planner theme gives this scenario an added layer of excitement.

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  • Being an adult couple doesn't mean you can't act out on youthful scenarios. This unique role play revolves around the theme of 'my rider dropping me at someone's house then me asking someone about their party so I can plan it then they are surprised when they realize I am ten'. In this situation, the 'rider' who is unaware of the surprise takes the role of Karen, a woman living in a nice house with a bratty kid, while the other partner plays the role of a bold ten-year-old party planner.
  • The scenario starts with Karen's partner dropping the 'kid' at Karen's house. As Karen opens the door, she finds a ten-year-old kid asked to plan the party for her demanding daughter. The twist comes when Karen's surprise turns into delight as she agrees to let the child plan the party. The discussion for the party planning can range from silly to mature, testing both partners' creativity and humor.
  • Throughout the role play, the ten-year-old shows an impressive level of maturity and talent despite the apparent age difference. Meanwhile, Karen slowly adjusts to the idea of a kid running the show, showing a mix of awe, amusement, and light-hearted frustration. This scenario encourages a playful conversation between the two and allows for a loving interaction in a non-traditional way.

Preparation steps:

  • You both should prepare by studying the characters you're going to play. Karen, as a slightly overwhelmed but loving mom with a demanding daughter, and the other as a mature, creative, and amusing ten-year-old party planner. Practice the way your characters would talk and react to establish an authentic atmosphere.
  • The person playing Karen might want to prepare snacks or treats that the 'child' party planner can enjoy during their discussion, adding to the innocent, playful ambiance. As for the 'kid', bringing a notebook and colored pens to jot down party ideas might be a fun addition to enhance the roleplay.
  • Soundtracks of children party songs in the background will definitely set the mood. You should not feel pressured to act perfectly; the point is to enjoy yourselves and laugh at any silly or awkward moments.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Start treating each other by the names of your character right from the start of the roleplay to get into character better. Use props for maximum effect. The 'kid' can take notes of Karen's wishes for the party, ask questions, and propose wild ideas to enhance the realism of the roleplay.
  • Remember, it's a light-hearted and playful scenario, so include a lot of joking and laughter. The β€˜kid’ should maintain a high-spirited and playful demeanor, with occasional serious comments or suggestions about the party to surprise 'Karen'. On the other hand, 'Karen' should show a mix of disbelief, amusement, and gradual acceptance.
  • The main focus of such roleplay is less on physical intimacy and more on bonding, entertainment, and a break from routine or expected behaviors. Always remember to respect each other’s comfort levels and not push the other into situations they may not find comfortable.

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