Romantic Poetry Reading Date

Spend a romantic day reading and discussing Russian poetry in a library or bookstore, followed by a walk in the Mikhailovsky Garden. This low-budget and intimate date option is ideal for couples who enjoy literature and beautiful walks.

Thrifty Saint Petersburg Scavenger Hunt

Nothing brings couples closer like a little competition. Embark on an exciting, budget-friendly scavenger hunt across the beautiful city of Saint Petersburg. This date experience will increase your bond and team spirit while allowing you to enjoy the city's vibrant ambiance, stunning sights, and rich history.

Romantic Night Cruise on the Neva River

Celebrate your 10 years marriage anniversary with a romantic night cruise on the Neva River in Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation. Float under stunning bridges, admire the cityscape, and enjoy a truly romantic evening together. Start your evening by boarding a beautifully decorated boat at one of the scenic piers along the Neva River. As you embark on your cruise, the captain will welcome you with a glass of sparkling champagne, setting the perfect mood for the night. As you leisurely sail along the Neva River, you'll pass under iconic bridges such as the Palace Bridge and the Trinity Bridge, with their breathtaking illuminations reflecting on the water. The cityscape will come alive with lights, creating a magical atmosphere that will make your anniversary celebration even more special. During the cruise, you'll be treated to a delicious candlelit dinner featuring a gourmet menu of local specialties and international dishes. Savor each bite as you enjoy the company of your partner and the beautiful surroundings of Saint-Petersburg at night. After dinner, head to the open-air deck of the boat and dance under the starry sky to romantic tunes played by a live band. Feel the gentle breeze as you sway in each other's arms, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Gondola Ride under the Stars

Celebrate your 10 years of marriage with a romantic gondola ride under the stars in Saint Petersburg. A gondola ride is not only a romantic experience but also a unique way to explore the city's stunning canals and architecture. Step into the world of Venice as you float along the serene canals, surrounded by the city's beauty and charm. As the evening sky twinkles with stars, let the romance of the moment sweep you away.

Romantic River Cruise

Celebrate your 10 years marriage anniversary with a romantic river cruise in Saint-petersburg. Enjoy a picturesque sunset while cruising along the river Neva. Indulge in the beauty of the city's architectural landmarks as you sail through its stunning waterways. This is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your partner and create beautiful memories together.

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