Discovering Porto’s Bridges & Wine

Experience a cozy date while exploring Porto's beautiful architecture and rich wine culture. The exciting journey is enriched by the magnificent views of its six bridges and thrilling wine tasting session.

Romantic Date With Water and Stars

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the stars and enjoy the calming presence of water in this romantic date idea, ideal for couples who love nature and want to experience the unique blend of cosmopolitan life mixed with Porto's historical charm. This will involve a romantic boat ride in the Douro River and dining under the stars, providing an idyllic setting to express your love and forge unforgettable memories together.

Adventure Picnic in Porto

Pack your basket with some delicious local delicacies and immerse yourself in the beauty of Porto with a picnic adventure. Experience local culture, food, and spectacular sceneries in one delightful date. Sit back and enjoy the Porto skyline while savoring the delight of Portuguese cuisine.

Porto's Nature Hike and Picnic

A serene nature hike through one of Porto's famous reserves, topped with a delightful picnic in the beauty of the surrounding scenery. This date is perfect for couples who love to explore nature and enjoy outdoor activities while keeping it cozy and romantic.

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