Romantic Old Town Exploration in Tallinn

Spend a beautiful day exploring the historic architecture and picturesque views of Tallinn together with your partner. The Tallinn Old Town tour will include memorable sights, a lovely dinner at a traditional restaurant, and unforgettable moments.

Urban Adventure in Tallinn

Take a tour of the enchanting old town of Tallinn, which is steeped in medieval history before making your way into the artistic areas of the city. Taste local street food and explore the city's hidden secrets. Finish off the urban adventure with an open-air cinema experience.

Adventure Park Date

Challenge and excitement await you and your partner at an Adventure Park in Tallinn. This date activity is designed for couples who love sports and new experiences, in any weather conditions due to the mix of indoor and outdoor activities.

Chill Walk in the Tallinn Old Town

Take a leisurely stroll through the winding, cobblestone streets of the capital of Estonia - Tallinn. Engage in deep conversations while beholding the stunning views of the ancient churches, historic buildings, and quaint cafés. A date idea that's light on your pocket but rich in experience

A Romantic Day at the Lennusadam Seaplane Harbour

This date idea for romantic couples includes a visit to one of Tallinn's most exciting attractions, the Lennusadam Seaplane Harbour. This maritime museum offers a wide range of exhibits for exploration, and its unique architecture creates an intimate environment that's perfect for getting to know your partner.

Cozy Wine Tasting

Indulge in a romantic wine tasting experience in the charming city of Tallinn, Estonia. Escape the unpredictable weather and spend quality time with your partner in a cozy wine cellar, savoring a selection of exquisite wines.

Medieval Magic and Starlit Walk in Tallinn

Explore the charm and history of Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, in this romantic date idea. Begin with a visit to the enchanting medieval Old Town, explore its narrow alleyways, shop from quaint boutiques, and marvel at the oldest town hall in Northern Europe. For dinner, savor Estonian cuisine in one of Tallinn's historic restaurants, where the ambiance promises a step back in time. End the night with a leisurely walk under the starlit Baltic sky.

Culinary Adventure through Tallinn

This romantic date idea takes couples on an immersive culinary adventure through the heart of Tallinn, Estonia. It also includes a light athletic activity after each culinary experience for a balanced and satisfying day. The tour includes a visit to the city's most acclaimed restaurants, gourmet shops, and traditional Estonian food spots.

Game Designer's Love Quest

Discover the magic of game design on this unique date in Tallinn, Estonia. The Game Designer's Love Quest date is not just about exploring the world of game development, but also creating a unique and intimate experience for the couple, filled with surprises, gourmet dining and special moments in the breathtaking city of Tallinn. It's about turning the art of designing games into a beautiful game of love.

Romantic summer evening walk in Estonia

Relax and connect with your partner by taking a scenic summer evening walk through the streets of Estonia. Feel the love in the air as you explore local sights, enjoy stunning sunset views and create unforgettable memories.

Romantic Picnic in Kadriorg Park

Spend a blissful day together at Kadriorg Park, taking in the view of the charming landscape, historical sites, and beautiful sculptures. Set up a picnic spot under a cosy old tree and enjoy a peaceful time together in nature.

Birthday Surprise in Tallinn

Plan an unforgettable surprise birthday celebration for your partner in the charming city of Tallinn. This date includes a surprise gift, a lovely dinner at a cosy restaurant, and a picturesque old town walk in the evening. Your partner's birthday will be extra special, filled with love and unanticipated joy.

Surprise downtown walk and dinner in Tallinn

The essence of the date is a leisurely walk through the downtown area of Tallinn before plunging into a surprise dinner at a cozy restaurant. This date idea strikes a perfect balance between romance, fun, and unexpected surprises while keeping it affordable.

Mystical Old Town Adventure

Discover the wonders of Tallinn's Old Town through a fun and mystifying self-guided walking tour. Unfold the centuries-old secrets of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, and end the adventure with a delightful surprise local food treat!

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