Vintage Housewife and Loving Husband Fantasy date idea illustration

Vintage Housewife and Loving Husband Fantasy

Duration: Full day
Budget: Subject to grocery shopping and costumes

Experience a day filled with vintage charm, taking on the roles of the vintage housewife and loving husband. The classic 50's lifestyle with a romantic spin will be brought to life right inside your home in İzmir, Türkiye.

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  • Start your scenario in the morning. Melissa plays the role of the vintage housewife, preparing breakfast for her husband who is just coming back from a morning jog. The husband, out of breath, appreciates his wife's culinary abilities, comments on how lovely she looks, and gives her a quick kiss before showering. After breakfast and a shared shower, you both go for a grocery shopping trip, where the husband selects products with his wife, then loads the car while she finishes checking out.
  • Back home, the husband retires to the den for the rest of the day reading the newspaper, while the wife busily keeps herself with household chores. She occasionally pops by the den, asking for the husband's opinion on something or to serve him a snack. For dinner, the wife surprises the husband with a fancy home cooked meal. Both dressed in their finest dining attire, the husband expresses his gratitude for the meal and they sweetly share their love for each other.
  • After dinner, they spend some time in the living room, reminiscing about stories from the past. The end the day with a sweet dance to their favorite nostalgic song, followed by a passionate night in their shared bedroom.

Preparation steps:

  • Melissa will need to dress up as a vintage 50's housewife. Think of a classy dress, pearls, and makeup. The husband can just wear regular casual clothing with a touch of vintage. Grab a basket for the shopping groceries and find a good vintage song for your sweet dance session. You may also prepare a fancy 50's home cooked meal plan.
  • You should collect some of your favorite stories from when you met or early in your relationship. Make sure to include plenty of sweet and funny moments. These will be perfect for your after-dinner conversation. Try also to capture the spirit of vintage romance. Little gestures like holding the door open, pulling out the chair, and even giving each other little sweet compliments throughout the day will make you feel more in character.
  • You need to ensure your bedroom is ready for the end of your date. A clean, cozy environment with dimmed lights will help to set the mood. Optionally, ring up a playlist of vintage romantic songs to add to the ambiance.

You may need

Some tips:

  • Keep things light, romantic, and full of little moments of vintage charm throughout your day. Try to recreate the 50's era as accurately as possible to immerse yourself in the scenario. However, what's important is both of you to have fun and be comfortable with each other throughout your date.
  • Melissa, as the housewife, make sure to add a little extra love to everything you do on this date. Little sweet signs like leaving little love notes in the husband's lunch or a celebratory cheer when he arrives home can help to create some nice moments.
  • As the husband, be appreciative of all your wife's efforts throughout the day. Surprise her with sweet compliments, and make sure to express your affection and love for her. Your loving actions are just as important as your words in this roleplay.

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