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Bare and Dare

Duration: 5 hours - from late afternoon until nightfall
Budget: $0 - No need to worry about entrance fee, Haulover Park is a free beach

A roleplay scenario where a young man seeks the thrill of nudity at a gay nudist resort. This roleplay scenario focuses on expression, comfort and trust in a nudist community, bringing a unique and liberating experience for partners.

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  • You, brave and bold, decide to explore what it feels like to bare it all at a gay nudist resort. The excitement starts upon your arrival, where you will strip down to nothing but your bare essentials, leaving behind any judgements or limitations at the entrance. Your heart pounding, you introduce yourself as a first-timer, slightly nervous but also exhilarated by this whole new world.
  • Your partner takes on the role of a seasoned resort-goer, seamlessly blending into the surroundings and socializing confidently. He takes you under his wing, introducing you to the lifestyle and the people, as you jump from the thrill of awe into the warm embrace of acceptance.
  • As the sun sets ā€“ dipping below the horizon with a spectacular display of hues ā€“ everyone gathers around a bonfire. It is here that you handle a confessional session, speaking about self-acceptance and discovery where the warmth doesn't only come from the fire but from the supportive resort community as well.

Preparation steps:

  • As a first-timer to a nudist resort, prepare yourself mentally for the unique experience. Understanding the norms of such places is paramount. Respect for others and comfort with your own body are essential parts of the preparation. Discuss with your partner and set boundaries - what are you comfortable with and what steps can be taken to enhance the experience.
  • Carry essentials with you, such as a towel to sit on (a common courtesy in nudist resorts), sunscreen to protect your skin, and sunglasses if you are uncomfortable with direct eye contact initially. However, remember that the main idea behind nudity is not voyeurism or exhibitionism but about feeling free and non-judgmental.
  • Prepare your partner for the scenario too. They play the crucial role of the seasoned guide, so they must be comfortable with the surroundings and the community. Understanding the roleplay, blending in and making others comfortable are an integral part of their role. They can practice by envisioning the scenario, the actions, and the dialogue.

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Some tips:

  • Start the roleplay in a non-nudity area if you are not comfortable jumping straight in. Gradually embrace the experience and take it at your own pace. The feeling of liberation and freedom is a personal journey.
  • Communication is key. With your partner being a seasoned resort-goer, it would be great to hear about his experiences, what he enjoys about the place, and how it helped him in self-discovery. That will help you connect better with the roleplay and find your own comfort zone within the scenario.
  • As this scenario takes place in an open, public space, remember to always respect others' personal space. In nudist communities, privacy and respect go hand in hand with acceptance of nudity. Conversations are generally respectful, and PDA is discouraged. So keep the spirit of the scenario alive with a respectful, non-judgmental attitude.

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